HCI | UbiComp

Move to the Music

Bostich and Fussible from Nortec Collective spotted creating music using the ReacTable, a unique table that allows multiple musicians to create music with a natural, tangible interface.

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Celebration of Women in Computing - Socal

Breaking the Code for Girls

If you’re in Computer Science, male or female, look around and see if you can’t encourage a young woman who’s got the talent to be a great engineer. Help them go to a Grace Hopper Celebration. Computer Science is a great, well-paid field, that is applicable to almost any aspect of the world you can think of.

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Embedded Systems | UbiComp


The best thing about Zebranet is the fact that it’s actually a network solution designed for zebras! Why do zebras need a network, you ask? Well, the network is actually for scientific researchers to study the migration patterns of wild zebras as well as their daily, social behavior.

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InfoVis | Personal

PhotoXplore Helps You Shoot Manual

PhotoXplore is an online, visualization tool I made to help photographers explore photographic settings of groups of photos. The interface is very interactive and hopefully, fun to play with. The goal is to help users learn how to approach different photographic subjects and settings.

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