Goodbye Touch! Hello Post-Touch!

Touch is slick and easy but it’s not for everything. And it’s already going out of style. The new kid in town is a natural user interface, Post-Touch – an interface that goes past the requirement of touch and can detect gesture usually through a near-field depth camera.

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Photo by Flickr user shinealight

Anonymity is Relative

As it turns out, “revealing where one lives and works at the granularity of census blocks is uniquely identifying for a majority of the U.S. working population.” Anonymous location data really isn’t.

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Sheep That Can Txt
Embedded Systems | UbiComp

Sense The Excitement

Smartphones are so much more than the average computer, and the magic lies in the sensors. Unlike traditional computers, smartphone can sense location, position and acceleration and so much more. This is a huge, technological leap forward that enables many applications that were not possible before.

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