Thoughts on Technology

Scouting your Health with Scanadu

A while ago, I posted about the XPrize being offered for the development of a Tricorder-like health-tracking device. In the last few weeks, one promising entrant, the Scanadu Scout, has raised $1.3 million through Indiegogo. The Scanadu Scout is a small, handheld, disc-shaped device that when placed against your forehead…
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Inside a desktop computer

The Magical Vs. The Hackable

Today I read a great article on Make  by Gregory Hill about the differences between a magical and a hackable system. On a complete system like a computer with full-blown Windows, Mac or Linux OS, you can download and install millions of programs and learn how to program, how to…
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Fitbit Flex

Change is Good – Keeps you Fresh

As you may have noticed, I haven’t posted anything in a while, so a brief update may be in order. In the last three months, I graduated from UC San Diego with a master’s degree, got a job at Fitbit in San Francisco, and moved from San Diego to Oakland.…
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Goodbye Touch! Hello Post-Touch!

Touch is slick and easy but it’s not for everything. And it’s already going out of style. The new kid in town is a natural user interface, Post-Touch – an interface that goes past the requirement of touch and can detect gesture usually through a near-field depth camera.
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Photo by Flickr user shinealight

Anonymity is Relative

As it turns out, “revealing where one lives and works at the granularity of census blocks is uniquely identifying for a majority of the U.S. working population.” Anonymous location data really isn’t.
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Tap To Play with NFC

New cellphones are showing up with NFC readers embedded in them, which not only flips the technology around, it allows two-way communication. Now, you can request and use the information instead of the other way around.
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