In May of 2018, my husband and I sold our stuff, gave up our apartment and got a flight to Cartagena in Colombia.

Scary? Yes.

Since then we’ve lived in and visited about 30 countries and 6 continents.

Things we love? Pisco sours in Arequipa, Peru. The immense power of Iguazu Falls, Argentina. Egry Bikaver wine in Budapest, Hungary. Towering limestone karsts in Halong Bay, Vietnam.

I traveled to see more of this amazing world, and it took my breath away.

More so, the breadth yet connections of languages, culture, traditions and food had my neurons working overtime.

So often, as we focus on our careers, we don’t give ourselves the chance to take our creative side seriously.

I took this time to pursue photography in earnest and create everyday.

The result? A really full hard drive, a ton of memories, friends all over the world, and a travel photography website I’m proud to call my own.