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Embedded Systems

BMW Steering

5 Reasons Embedded Systems Designers Should Embrace HCI

As an embedded software engineer who is interested in bringing HCI design practice to embedded devices, I often hear people say, “Oh but we don’t have a display on our […]


Tap To Play with NFC

New cellphones are showing up with NFC readers embedded in them, which not only flips the technology around, it allows two-way communication. Now, you can request and use the information instead of the other way around.

Xerox' silver ink printed circuit

How Close are We to the 3D Printed Phone?

The difficulty, of printing an actual phone is, of course, printing the electronics that go in the phone. The current hurdle is designing an ink that not only conducts electricity, but does so in a controlled manner. Xerox and Optomec have some cool solutions.

Sheep That Can Txt

Sense The Excitement

Smartphones are so much more than the average computer, and the magic lies in the sensors. Unlike traditional computers, smartphone can sense location, position and acceleration and so much more. This is a huge, technological leap forward that enables many applications that were not possible before.



The best thing about Zebranet is the fact that it’s actually a network solution designed for zebras! Why do zebras need a network, you ask? Well, the network is actually for scientific researchers to study the migration patterns of wild zebras as well as their daily, social behavior.


The Invisible Jogger

Today I had an interesting conversation with An Yu, a cognitive science major at UCSD. We were discussing the potential applications for understanding synchrony. Another graduate student we know has […]