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5 Reasons Embedded Systems Designers Should Embrace HCI

As an embedded software engineer who is interested in bringing HCI design practice to embedded devices, I often hear people say, “Oh but we don’t have a display on our device, so I’m not sure we need that”. Somehow, the embedded systems community seems to have decided that well designed interactions only apply to software …

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Lean Startup is User Design for Your Business Idea

Lean Startup is essentially applying HCI and UX concepts to startups. The product you are designing is your business, including all its components – the solution, who you think your customer is, how you plan to target them , and how you intend to make money. You test all the assumptions you make about who your customer is, what they want and whether your solution provides it.

Goodbye Touch! Hello Post-Touch!

Touch is slick and easy but it’s not for everything. And it’s already going out of style. The new kid in town is a natural user interface, Post-Touch – an interface that goes past the requirement of touch and can detect gesture usually through a near-field depth camera.


You Are The Natural User Interface

With the inspiring Olympic displays of the power and grace of the human body all around us, it seems sad that we confine the human body that is capable of so much strength, agility and power, to interfaces that involve the user of just one finger. In designing interfaces, we need to look at the actual task at hand and design the best interface for it, not just the best touchscreen interface.